About Us

Hi!  I am Jared James, founder of ProSleeves.  

ProSleeves curates undiscovered activewear and fitness gear from around the globe.  We help fitness lovers, like you, discover new and trending fitness brands.  

As a small private label sports apparel manufacturer we realize how difficult it is for active people to discover new fitness brands.  Many companies out there have great products to offer, they just lack community awareness.  Large players dominate the market with highly inflated prices and selling platforms, like Amazon, are crowded with inferior brands.  We sought to curate some of the better fitness brands that stand out to sell them alongside our ProSleeves brand.

We didn't stop there.  We also reach out to activewear reviewers for their feedback on the products we sell.  We make those reviews available to the community and only keep the products that continually exceed our community's expectations. 

We'll keep working hard to find reliable fitness brands so you can workout even harder.  We've Got You Covered!

Thanks for visiting and we hope you find something you like.  Please drop us a note if you have any questions, comments, or feedback.  We would love to hear from you.